November Programming Breakdown

Programming Breakdown for November 2017 

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Overall, expect to see dedicated work for the upper-back. Single-arm farmer carries to improve frontal plane core competency will be crucial for improving the muscular related to stabilizing the spine and spinal health. These along with side-planks will occur more often.

Additionally make sure you are following all scaling guidance and staying within time-caps for task domain workouts. Higher threshold pieces are strategically placed to make sure we are putting you in the best possible position. 

Max Effort Strength Work

  1. Touch n Go Conventional Deadlift Heavy Triple: The goal here is to work on cycling deadlifts insuring you are using their legs, dropping your hips once the bar passes the knees. Make sure you are not “bouncing” the plates off the ground. Head should be neutral the entire time head traveling with the path of the movement.
  2. Front Box Squat 2RM: The goal here is to break up the eccentric/concentric phases of the Front Squat by sitting back in the box and not use the stretch-reflex. The spine needs to remain neutral and core needs to stay engaged when we sit back. For athletes that have a current 1RM their goal is to match that weight for 2 reps.
  3. Squat Clean: Heavy set of 1.1 (10s): The goal here is technique based rather than loading based. The 10s between reps ensures we are reinforcing a good set-up position. Advanced Athletes can shoot for 85% of current 1RM. 
  4. Power Snatch + Overhead Squat: Perfect positions and staying tight during the OHS. Technique always superseeds loading with our olympic lifting (adding excessive loading for most of your athletes is not needed).
  5. Shoulder width Grip Pull-up Clusters: Clusters sets for upper-body pulling is about increasing total volume without inducing high-amounts of muscular and neural fatigue.
  6. Barbell Rows: Vertical pulling usually outweighs horizontal pulling in CrossFit. This month, and for all months moving forward we will begin to shift the focus to more horizontal pulling. Athletes will experience improvements in how their shoulders feel and how they perform during vertical pulling movements like pull-ups. 
  7. Close Grip Floor Press 3RM: The intent is to build our lockout without the use of the legs to drive. Typically, if an Athlete’s floor press and regular bench press are close in numbers then that means they need to work on their bench press technique and learn to drive with the legs more efficiently.

Dynamic Effort Work 

  1. Speed Back Squats: These will  be done for less than 4 weeks since we have a few holidays popping up. Overall, the intent as with all our dynamic effort work is fast velocity and perfect technique.
  2. Floor Press: Using the load we achieved for a 3RM we’ll perform 2 weeks of speed work with 60 and 60% of that 3RM. All sets will be done with a slight pause.

Conditioning Pieces

  1. Short + Sweet
  2. Cindy or Mary
  3. Andy
  4. Field Day
  5. Times 3
  6. 600
  7. Bear Grylls
  8. Southie
  9. Abbatte
  10. CP
  11. Adrenaline

*You’ll see many of these workouts again in the next 12-16 weeks. 

Your in fitness

– Coach Daniel