Thursday 11.1.17 WOD

RowVember Starts November 8th
Weekly $100 cash prizes & chance to win a new Concept 2 Rower

1a: Weighted Pull-ups (4×1.1 (10s))
1b) Single Arm DB Neutral Grip Push Press 4×5, build across
Intent: Cluster work (intra-set rest) where the intent is for you to work up to a challenging set with or without weight or partner assisted. 10s. rest between each single. Close Grip = Shoulder width, pronated grip


Air Squats
Barbell Rows (115,75)
Wall Climbs
Rx+:(135, 95)(Strict HSPU in place of Wall Climbs)
L3: (65,35)
L2: (55,25)(Half Wall Climb)
L1 Ask Coach

Intent: High-volume of shoulder/back workout. Athletes should challenge themselves on the rows. Complete consistent sets of air squats to allow recovery from the snatches and wall climbs. Effort should be 70-85% max HR.

$ Out

3 Rounds
10 Tate Presses
15 Banded Face-pull aparts
16 1-Arm KB Front Squat (8 each)