Tuesday 10.24.17 WOD


3 Rounds of:
1a) 10x Goblet Box Squat
1b) 20x Banded pull-aparts to chest
1c) 20s Max reps Partner Leg Throws

Intent: All reps smooth, shoot for perfect form. This work should not be too taxing and not interfere with your conditioning scores today.


21min AMRAP
15 KB Swings (55,35)
30 Double Unders
Run 400 Meters
Rest 60s.
Rx: (45.35)
L2: (35,25) (30 Double Under Attempts)
L1: (35,25 Russian Swings) (30 Single Unders)
Score = Rounds + Reps, 100m = 1 rep
Sub 400m Run for 400m Row or 45s. hard on assault bike
Intent: We are looking for a consistent pace today around 75-80% of max HR. KBS should be light/fast. The intent here staying aerobic and pacing/breathing for the entire piece. The 60s rest between rounds should allow for higher chance of consistency, but not nearly enough time for full-recovery in order to keep efforts aerobic.

$ Out

3min Glute Marching