Thursday 10.12.17 WOD

Mixed Skill Work

10min EMOM
Odds: 4-5 Overhead Squat <60%
Evens: 1-3 Ring or Bar Muscle-ups
Intent: Keep OHS light and from the ground, focus on positioning. MU use whatever best matches your ability


4min AMRAP
DB Power Clean + Front Squat (55,35)
Rest 2:00
4min AMRAP
Alternating DB Snatches (55,35)
Rest 2:00
4min AMRAP
Front Rack DB Walking Lunges (55,35)
Rest 2:00
4min AMRAP
Renegade Rows + Push-up (55,35)
Rx: 45,25
L3: 35,15
L2: 25,12.5

Intent: Try to work consistently for the entire 4min. DB should be moderately heavy

$ Out

100 Banded Pushdowns
75 Hollow Rocks