Thursday 9.7.17 WOD

Skill Work

8min EMOM
ODDs: 40s your choice bike, row, running at 70-80% Max HR
EVENs: 40s of Dub or TU Practice
* Intent: improve upon movements by adjusting to coaching ques. We will repeat every Thursday for 3 weeks


5 Rounds
15 Wallballs (20,14)
500m Row
1min rest b/t rds
L2: (14,10)
L1: (400m Row)(10,8)
*Score = total time including rest
*Alternate Scaling 400m Run,60s Bike or Ski Erg
Intent: 1min rest should sustain 75-85% Max HR, go for sub 27min

$ Out

Side Plank (3 x 30s each side)