Thursday 8.3.17 WOD


1 Round of:
25 Air Squats
50 Single Unders
15 Push-ups
50 Single Unders
20 Renegade Rows
50 Double Unders or Double Under Attempts
20 Walking Lunges

Skill Review

“Goat EMOM”
10 min EMOM :
ODD Mins: 1 Movement Athlete Choice
EVEN Mins: 1 Movement Athlete Choice
– Athletes will choice 2 movements that they need to work on. Usually most athletes know where their weaknesses lie, but beginners may need some guidance. Perform small sets to reinforce good movement patterns. This should NOT be a challenging EMOM.
Training Intent
Choice two movements that need work. Don’t spend more than 15:00 here today. Keep sets small enough that your athletes can re-inforce good motor patterns. This holds true with gymnastics movements as a lot of times athletes try to do too big of sets before they are ready which will only elongate their goals.


5-6 Rounds of:
1a) Stone to Shoulder x 3-4 each.
1b) Front Rack Carry x 100 Ft (55, 35s).
1c) L-Sit x 20s.
1d) Walking Lunges x 20 Reps (Athlete choice of weight)
1e) DB Man Makers x 5 Reps
– 1 Renegade Row + 1 push-up + 1 renegade row + 1 push-ups + 1 squat clean thruster
*Score = For Quality
*25:00 Cap