Wednesday 7.19.17 WOD


Dynamic or Game
3 Presses from Split
3 Push Press
3 Split Jerks
3 Bent-over Rows
10 Hollow Rocks
*Add weight x 2 rounds
With above mix in
10 Scap Push-ups
20 Banded Pull-aparts


EMOM for 12 min:
ODD Minutes: 2 Split Jerks @75%
EVEN Minutes: 15-20s Hollow Hold
Training Intent
Week 1 of dynamic work with the Jerk. All sets focus should be on technique/efficiency. Adjust loading if needed. If athletes are more efficient/comfortable with a push jerk then they can opt for that variation otherwise make sure they are reinforcing proper dip and drive as well foot position on their split. The hollow hold between sets is merely to provide a different twist on our strength work today as well as getting some extra gymnastics positional work.


FOR TIME: (10min CAP)
5 Rounds
12 T2B
9 Hang Power Cleans (155, 105)
6 S20H (155, 105)
RX: (115, 75)
L2: (Knee Lifts) (95, 65)
L1: (Sit-ups) (55, 25)
Training Intent
Barbell movement should be heavy today. Athletes should push for UB sets. The time cap is tight on purpose. If athletes struggle completing efficient with T2B/Barbell work they will likely hit the time cap. Being strategic about saving grip is key with this workout.

$ Out

1a) DB Hammer Curls:
3 x 10-12. Rest 60s.
1b) DB Rolling Tricep Extensions:
3 x 15. Rest 60s.