Tuesday 7.18.17 WOD


Run 400 Meters or Row 500m then or Assault Bike x 60s,
8 Burpees
20 Ft. Bear Crawl
8 Push-ups
10 Scorpions
10 Air Squats
Run 200m or Row 200 or Assault Bike x 30s.


40min EMOM:
Minute 1: 45s Assault Bike
Minute 2: 45s Row
Minute 3: 12 Burpees
Minute 4: 100 Ft. Bear Crawl
Minute 5: Rest
Alternate Scaling Options:
– Assault bike: 200 meter run
– Row: 30s SDHP (53, 35)
– Bear Crawl: 45s of Moutain Climbers
Training Intent
Spend 15:00 getting warm today moving dynamically and then get right into the Metcon. The goal of this piece is breathing/pacing which will be vital for the open. Think 80% effort. Athletes should try to sustain same wattage on AB (ie. Guys 316+/252+) and 500m splits on the rower (Guys sub 1:55/Ladies sub 2:10). Pacing suggestion are for intermediate-advanced athletes. Beginner athletes can worry more about moving consistently and less about data on the AB or Rower.

$ Out

5:00 of Static Stretching