Thursday 7.13.17 WOD


Limber 11
Limber 11 Covers mobility.

Skill Review

Power Snatch Skill Work:
Spend 15:00 Work performing sets of 3 working up to a moderate weight. Technique takes precendence here as always. Athletes should reset between reps. This is skill work even for advanced athletes. Rest 90s-2:00 between sets
Training Intent
Sets of triples for power snatch keep loads light with emphasis on technique. For most of your athletes that are limited in the snatch it may come down to mobility restrictions so having them perform some mobility between sets will help get them closer to getting comfortable snatching.


1 Round for max distance with a partner:
6:00 Max Distance Running
6:00 Max Distance Bike
6:00 Max Distance Rowing
Training Intent
This workout can be is challenging/intense as people want to make it. If needed, athletes can pair up or make teams of 3. Try to create a competition among your athletes with this one. On paper this does not look hard, but athletes can really push these intervals by keeping sets small and intensity high.

Alternate Option:
AMRAP 20 w. a partner:
20 SDHP (53, 35)
20 Burpees
20 Goblet Squats (53, 35)
600 meter Row

$ Out

50 Banded Hip Flexor Pulls each
50 Banded pushdowns
50 Band Pull-aparts