Wednesday 7.12.17 WOD


5:00 Dynamic then grab a PVC
2 Rounds of:
8 Pass Thrus
8 Around the Worlds
4 Yoga Push-ups
20 Banded Pull-aparts


Partner up and Warm-up Metcon Movements to weights/scaling option you plan on using for Metcon
Overhead Squats
Double Unders


“Bull” with a partner:
2 RFT:
200 Double Unders
50 Overhead Squats (135, 95)
50 Pull-ups
Run 1 Mile
*One person works. Split as needed.
Rx: (115, 75)
L2: (100 Double Under Attempts) (95, 65) (Band Assisted Pull-ups)
L1: (Single Unders) (95, 65 Front Squats) (Ring Rows)
Training Intent
No strength piece today. There is no time cap on the workout today but times will range from 28-35:00. Your total warm-up/activation/prep time should not exceed 20:00. The intent of this workout today is work consistently communicating with your partner and completing a great hero workout.

$ Out

100 Banded Pushdowns