Saturday 7.8.17 WOD


General Aerobic Warm-up
3 Rounds of:
Run 100 Meters
10 Push-ups
15 Sit-ups
Have athletes partner up start warming the movements in the metcon.


With a running clock with a partner:
Max Rounds of:
8 Hang Power Cleans (115, 75)
8 Calorie Row
8 Burpees
*One athlete completes a full round at a time
Max Rounds of:
800 Meter Run
800 Meter Row
50 Air Squats
*Split work however desired
Max Distane Front Rack Double KB Carry, Athlete choice of Weight.
Rx: (95, 65)
L2: (75, 55)
L1: (65, 35)
*Score = total full rounds of Metcon #1 + #2″, score distance of Metcon #3 in comments
Training Intent
Hang Power Cleans should be light. The first part of this workout 1 athlete will complete a full round before switching with their partner. The second and third half of the workout rounds/reps/distance can be partitioned however desired. Make sure athletes keep their ribs down on Front Rack Carries. Again, this should merely be a GPP finisher to this conditioning piece.