Saturday 6.17.17 WOD


Tissue Work, 10 passes each.
– Lats
– Thoracic Spine
– Quads
– Adductors


Abmat Pizza game
*2 Burpee penalty for drops


4 RFT w. a partner:
2 Rope Climbs
20 Front Rack Reverse Lunges (115, 75) (total reps)
20 Push-ups
1k Row
Rx+:(Legless RC)
Rx: (95, 65)
L2: (10 BA Chin-ups per RC) (75, 55) (Box Push-ups)
L1: (10 Ring Rows per RC) (65, 35) (Box Push-ups)
35:00 Cap. One person works at a time.
Alternate Scaling Options:
– Rowing: 800m Run or 100 Double Unders
– Rope Climbs: 20 Pull-ups Any Style each round
Training Intent
Athletes should establish a plan on splittling work. Small work sets allow for quicker transitions and higher intensity. Lunges should be able to be completed in sets of 10, UB. For most of your athletes they may need to go lighter than they think as the lunges will become quite demanding as the workout progresses. 1k row splits for all 4 rounds should remain consistent.

$ Out

50-100 Banded Pushdowns
50-100 Banded Pull-aparts