Thursday 6.15.17 WOD


3 Way Banded Shoulder Stretch x 2 sets/20s each positionA)


Dynamic Warm-up


Farmer Carry Relay
In teams of 3 for 10:00
60s UB Max Distance Farmer Carry (70, 53)
*Goal is to walk at least 100m in that 60s interval without dropping.
*Drop = team penalty of
7 Burpees each athlete
Training Intent
Team up and complete UB Farmer Carries inside or outside. Time interval will allow this to be done inside. Athletes cannot drop the weight for the entire 60s so it should be challenging.


5 Rounds of:
200 Meter Sprint
15 Power Snatch (75, 55)
12 T2B
Rest 2:00

Rx: (65, 35)
L2: (55, 25)
L1: (45, 25)
Alternate Scaling Options:
– Sprint: 20 Calorie Row
– Power Snatch: 15 Russian Swings (45, 25)
Training Intent
This piece should be a sprint each set, but not an all out effort. Snatches are intended to be light and should be done UB and muscle-snatch style. 200m Sprint should take roughly 30s to complete so modifying the distance to a time-frame is okay. Usually athletes are surprised how hard the 200m Sprint is.


DB External Rotation: 2 x 15 ea.