Monday 6.5.17 WOD

Warm-up: 10min

3 Rounds of:
5 Power Cleans
10 Sit-ups
15 Air Squats
20 Banded Goodmornings
*Add weight to the barbell after the first round.

Strength: 20min

Power Clean (1RM, 8-10 sets, rest 2min b/t sets)
– Beg: 10 x 2 working technique
Training Intent
– Strength:Spend 5:00 working technique and the another 15:00 building to a 1RM Power Clean. There will be plenty of time to reinforce technique beforehand. We will retest the Power Clean in 12 weeks after we’ve spent some time making your athletes posterior chains stronger.

WOD: 25min

“CrossFit Games Open 11.5”

20-Minute AMRAP of:
5 Power Cleans, 145# / 100#
10 Toes-To-Bar
15 Wall-Ball Shots, 20# / 14#

Rx: (115, 75)
L2: (95, 65) (Knee Lifts) (14, 10)
L1: (75, 55) (Knee Lifts) (10, 8)
Scaling Options:
– Sub Touch n Go Deadlifts with a light to moderate weight for Power Cleans.
Training Intent
– Metcon: Have a plan to pace yourself for the entire 20:00. Starting off slower than you think we’ll allow you to minimize transition and stay away from redlining. Breaking sets early will allow your athletes to sustain themselves for the long haul so I would recommend starting off slower than they thing and feeling the workout out before adjusting their pace.

$ Out: 5min

50-100 Banded Leg Curls
Or Reverse Hypers: 3 x 15-20. Rest 90s