Saturday 6.3.17 WOD


Dynamic Line Warm Up
Abmat Pizza Game
*For every drop athletes will complete:
10 Lunges in Place alternating
10 Sit-ups with their Abmat
10 Shoulder Taps


Warm-up all Movements


With a running clock with a partner:
Row 1k
40 Front Squats (135,95)
20 C2B Pull-ups
Remaining time Max:
Burpee Box Jumps (24, 20)
Row 1k
40 Push Press (135, 95)
20 C2B Pull-ups
Remaining time Max:
Lateral Burpees Bar Hops
Row 1k
Remaining time: Max Distance Farmer Carry (70, 55)
Rx: (115,75)(55,35)(Regular Pull-ups)
L2: (95 65)(45,25)(Band Assisted Pull-ups)
L1: (75,55)(35,15)(Ring Rows)
Score = total reps + distance farmer carry
Training Intent
Athletes should establish a game plan that allows them to minimize transition times. Recommend splitting the rowing in 500m intervals. Sub 800m run for 1k Row if needed. Barbell loading should be moderately light and capable of being completed in at least sets of 5. Keeping sets small and transitions fast will increase your athletes efficiency when working with a partner.

$ Out

Have a great weekend!