Thursday 5.25.17 WOD

Mobility: 5min

Tissue Work x 10 passes each:
– Have people pick 3 spots they are most sore and devote about 1:00 to each.

Warm-up: 10min

60s Assault Bike + 400m Run

Strength: 10min

Spend 10:00 Practicing:
– Pistols. *Pistols are in Tuesdays workout.
Training Intent
Practice Candlesticks today supersetted with pistols. Make sure you give your athletes all the options beforehand so they are practicing skills that will get them closer to performing the actual movement.

WOD: 20min

“Push Carry”

In teams of 2:
10 Rounds of:
10 Front Rack Lunges (95,65)
100 Meter Farmer Carry (70, 55)
Rx: (75,55)(55,35)
L2: (65,45)(45,25)
L1: (45,35)(35,15)
*One athlete completes a full round at a time.
Alternate Scaling Options:
Farmers Carry = 15 Hollow Rocks

Training Intent
Each athlete will get 1:1 work/rest. Sled pushes should be moderately heavy today. GPP work is a great to “unload” our athletes and doubles as conditioning work working all 3 energy systems.

$ Out: 5min

LAX Glutes x 60s each side