Monday 5.15.17 WOD

CrossFit Prom 2017

Mobility: 5min

Accumulate :90 in the bottom of a (perfect) squat

Warm-up: 10min

Dynamic Line Warm Up
X-Band Walks
x 2 sets:
10 steps in each direction
2 Rounds
20 Walking Lunges
10 Sumo Deadlifts (empty BB)
10 Russian Swings

Strength: 15min

Front Box Squat (1RM in 8-10 sets)
Beginners: 5 x 5, adding if form permits.
Training Intent
Make progressive jumps in weight. Have a plan in mind before starting. Same technique as speed box squats ie. sitting back on box. Have spotters on both sides of the bar. Front Box Squat will likely be 10-15% less than peoples regular Front Squat Max. As such the Front Box Squat translates will to bringing up the Front Squat because we are breaking up the eccentric and concentric phases of the lift.

WOD: 20min

“Pull x2”
For Time:
Calories on Rower
Deadlifts (225,155,185,125)
**200m Backwards run after each round
Rx: (185, 125)
L2: (155, 105)
L1: (135, 95)
Training Intent
This workout should be near maximal effort for intermediate to advanced athletes. Look to complete all deadlifts touch n go style breaking sets as needed. Deadlift loading should be moderately heavy. Each set on the rower should not drop off too much in terms of power output. For newer athletes they should work on proper mechanics and not worry as much about going 100%.

$ Out: 5min

Accumulate 100 Banded Pull-throughs