Tuesday 8.23.16 WOD

Dynamic Effort Upper


Close Grip Bench (Bench Press 3×8, close grip at 60% + (10,5))
 **FOR EXAMPLE: If you come to a week where you fail, making only 6 of your 8 reps at 225 lbs. close grip, switch your grip to medium grip, lower the weight and finish the reps. The next week maintain a medium grip, add the prescribed weight and continue. If you fail again switch to a wide grip and follow the same procedure.


“7 Nights in Philly”
17min AMRAP
7 Bench Press (185,130,155,100)
7 Power Cleans (185,130,155,100)
49 Dubs (x2(98))

$ Out

75 cals assault bike. Every time you drop below 65,55,55,45 RPM stop and complete 10 GHD Sit Ups