Friday 8.19.16 WOD

Max Effort Lower


In 20min:
5×7 Bear Complexes for max weight
Then, at the 20min mark
Sprint 800m and complete 1×7 bear complexes at max weight
**Score = max weight (log time of completion in comments)
**1 Bear Complex = Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Press + Back Squat + Push Press
**Break up or combine movements as long as clean, squat and press standards are met.
**No resting or regripping at bottom, If you fail it counts as one of your 5 rounds, you can rest anywhere in the complex but with the barbell on the ground
**Rx = building across 5×7 in 20min, 800 Sprint and 1×7

$ Out

3×18 GHD sit ups to parallel