Thursday 5.12.16 WOD

Dynamic Effort Upper


Shoulder Press (3×8 @ 60%)
**If you fail to complete the given reps in a set, continue with push press at the same percentage.


Death By:
1 T2B (Rx=K2E)
1 Pistol
5 Dubs (Scale 1:1)
**You pick the order to complete the movements
**Continue to add 1 rep/5DU each round until you cannot complete all of the required work in 60 seconds.  Once you fail, take the next minute off.  Then continue the workout with only 2 movements.  Continue to add reps to the remaining 2 movements until you cannot complete the required work in 60 seconds.  Once you fail take the next minute off and continue the workout with the final movement. You choose the order of the movements.
**Score the time on the clock when your workout is complete

$ Out

Coach led calf and knee mobility