Sunday 5.1.16 WOD NOTES

Competition Day!

Mobility: 5min

Coaches choice, 3min front rack + 2min hip, Suggested links below

Front Rack:|movement:press

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

WOD: 35min

“Under Siege”
4min AMRAP
“Flight Simuator”
**Rx+ Unbroken Dubs
Rx+ = unbroken dubs. Athletes do not have to restart at 5 if they hit. Example: Athlete complete 5 unbroken dubs, 10 unbroken dubs, then hits on dub 12 in the 15 round. The Athlete restarts on 15 unbroken dubs
Rx = broken dubs
Score = total dubs
–5min Rest–
13min AMRAP
100 Cal Row
80 STOH (85,55,65,45)
60 Hang Power Cleans
40 Deadlifts
20 Burpee Bar Hops
This is an AMRAP, if the Athlete finishes the 20 burpee bar hops they restart on the 100 cals row. Score = total cals + reps
–5min Rest–
4min Up ladder
Pull Ups
Wall Balls (20,14,14,12)
Score total reps. Modify pull ups to banded, ring rows or kips + ring rows
–Immediately Start–
4min AMRAP
Thrusters (95,65,75,55)
Score total reps. Coach Athletes to choose a rep scheme that is manageable for 4min. 4min can be a long time when performing 1 movement. Complete short sets with short breaks.
**Score total reps of each AMRAP

$ Out

50 Sit Ups w/ feet anchored and heavy plate on chest