Crossfit Kids


Animal crackers
Monkey hang
Kangaroo hop
bear crawl
Seal drag
Crab Walk
Duck walk
armadillo roll

Rope Knockout!

Swing on rope and knockout as many mats as possible
Lava Jump
Stand on land (behind the jump rope)
Jump over the lava!
If you fall on, you need 3 burpees to get out!
If you can’t make the jump, you may use boulders (plates) to jump on

Meet the Deadlift brothers!

Sammy the Sumo
Darryl the deadlift
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

Little Dee Dee!

5 minute AMRAP
10 kettlebell deadlifts
2 wall walks

Cool Down

4 Corners

put a cone in each corner of the room, write with chalk on floor the following numbers:
Call a simple addition of subtraction problem, the athletes must do that problem and run to the correct corner and do the work.
2= 2 burpees
4= 4 push ups
6= 6 sit ups
8= 8 jumping jacks