Wednesday 3.23.16 WOD NOTES

Competition Day

Mobility: None

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Coaches Choice, but get the Athletes moving fast. They will need to be primed to move quickly to complete each of the WODs in under 5min.

Strength: None


“Gather Round The Good Stuff”
In 40min Complete:
1000m Row
75 MB Cleans (20,14,14,12)
Looking for Athletes to complete in sub 10min
–5min Rest–
200 Dubs (x3)
75 Pull Ups
Looking for Athletes to finish in sub 7min
–5min Rest–
50 Burpees
50 DB Snatches (70,55,60,45)
Looking for Athletes to finish in sub 12min
–5min Rest–
50 Thrusters (95,65,85,55)
25 Pistols
If they get here Athlete will need to complete large sets of thrusters.
**Score total reps completed, time in comments if completed
**5min rest is mandatory
Under each WOD. These WODs are meant to be ‘fly and die’, GO FAST! 5min rest is mandatory, If the clock hits 40min in the middle of an Athletes 5min rest the time cap is reached and the WOD is over. Ninjas will complete all reps, I am expecting most Athletes to make to the DB snatches. DB snatches must touch the ground each time, alternate hands as needed. Pistols, alternate as needed, L+R=2

Cool Down Stretch: None

Coach $ Out

$ Out

3×8 Single Arm Overhead DB Sit Ups