Sunday 3.13.16 WOD

Competition Day!


“Good Initiative, Bad Judgement”
1/2 “Griff”
400m Run
200m Run backwards
400m Run
200m Run Backwards
–5min Rest–
2 Rounds “Joshie”
21 DB Snatches (right)
21 ‘L’ Pull Ups
21 DB Snatched (left)
21 ‘L’ Pull Ups
–5min Rest–
1/2 “Nick”
6 Rounds
10 DB Hang Squat Cleans
6 HSPU on DBs
**DBs (45,25)
**Score total time minus 10min of rest

**There is only Rx weights and movements listed.
**Complete “Joshie” with 45# DBs

$ Out

3 x 1min
Barbell Side Bends with Fat Bars, load bar to 65,45