Friday 3.4.16 WOD NOTES

Max Effort Upper

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Strength: 15min

Shoulder Press ((75,55,65,45) 4 sets, Max Reps)
**score lowest set
Last completed in early 2015.
Give Athletes 3 min to build to weight then start everyone on the same clock. Start a new set every 3 min.  If not Rx+ or Rx weight, Athletes need to choose a weight they can complete 15+ reps in the first set. Athletes will score their lowest set. Coach Athletes to go to failure each set, not to game plan this. The benefits from the repetition method come from working to failure not game planning.
Coaching Tip: Watch for Athletes hyper extending as a way to pull their body under the bar. Que once, then lower the weight or stop the set
Repetition Method. The repetition method of training is generally used in non-classic lifts to increase the Athletes endurance and stamina in the classic lift. The repetition method has long been a part of the conjugate method of programming and may be know to some as lactic acid training or tolerance training. In layman terms, going to failure each set works every cell in the muscle causing an increase in growth hormone production, increasing muscle size and strength.

WOD: 20min

1000m Row Sprint
10min AMRAP
10 Bounds (20,20)
10 KB Swings (55,35,45,25)
500m Row Sprint
**Score AMRAP and time of each row in comments.
Budget 20min for this workout today. Athlete should move fast, both in the row sprints and AMRAP. Row sprints are all out. When Athlete completes first 1000m row sprint they walk to their box and begin bounds with no delay. Make sure they note the time they start the 10min AMRAP, each Athlete will be on their own clock for the AMRAP. After the 10min AMRAP, each Athlete walks back to the rower, without delay, and starts a 500m row sprint. Score total rounds + reps in Wodify, score time of each row in comments. Coach Athletes to count meters down on monitor to get an exact time.

Cool Down Stretch: NONE

Instead coach Athletes through $Out,

$ Out

3 BIG sets of sit ups with feet anchored and DB on chest
Coach Athletes through this. BIG set means to failure.