Monday 1.18.16 WOD NOTES

Max Effort Upper

Mobility: 6min

2:40-6:24 Video Below
3min Keg stretch again today but use double LAX balls.
3min Side to side lunges as shown in video

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Have Athletes perform shuttle runs as part of warm up.

Strength: 15min

Thruster (1RM  )
**Take from rack
Take from rack. While coaching the thruster hit the points of performance in video below.

WOD: 15min

“Hägar the Horrible”
15min AMRAP
DB Clusters (45,25,35,15)
100m Shuttle Run
**Score total reps (100m = 1 Rep)
**Perform Shuttle Run in 10m increments
**Shuttle sprints will be inside 🙂
Athletes will use x2 DBs, one in each hand. Athletes will climb the rep ladder of DB Clusters. DBs DO NOT have to touch the ground each rep, they must pas below the knee. After each set of clusters the Athlete runs a 100m shuttle run, 10m at a time. The 100m stays constant throughout.
Ardmore: The box is 60′ long (20m). Place a cone at each end of the box (in front of rowers and another in front of assault bikes) and one cone in the middle. This way Athletes can run on either side of the Box to the middle and back. Coach Athletes to run under rig and perform DB Clusters around rig.
Wayne: Upstairs and downstairs is both 10m long. Upstairs, place a cone on the wall next to the dry cleaners and a cone in front of the assault bikes, this is 10m. Athletes can run back and forth. performing DB clusters under the rig or in front of Wodify. Down stairs place a cone in front of each black wall, this is 10m. Athletes can perform DB clusters under rig or in front of rowers.

$ Out

4×12 MB Wall Balls
**Perform a sit up facing the wall and toss MB high off the wall