Wednesday 1.13.16 WOD NOTES

Explosive Strength

Mobility: 5min

Partner Mobility, 2min each.

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Work in agility ladders. Suggested video below

Skill Work: 8min

EMOM for 8min
20sec. Max K2E
40sec. Rest
**Score your round that has the lowest reps.
**Beginners: Focus on good kipping mechanics, syncing kips together.
**Advanced: Focus on clearly  making contact with your knee and elbow each rep and shortening up the movement.

Focus is skill work. Spend you time on making Athletes successful, whether it be good kipping mechanics or solid connection of the knee to the elbow.
Review the BIG picture and fine tune it one on one.
We are practicing K2E because efficient K2E creates efficient T2B.

WOD: 30min

“CrossFit Open Prep #2”
18min AMRAP
75 Snatches (75,55,65,45)
60 Calorie Row
45 Wall Balls (20,14,14,12)
30 T2B (Rx=K2E)
15 Burpees to target (6″,6″,3″,3″)
This workout is a ‘chipper’ style with a focus on high repetion midline work, opening and closing of the hip joint. Athletes will need to control their breath to be successful.
Rx+ and Rx options are listed.
Snatches: If not Rx, Athletes should use “Randy” weight. Coaching tips, think back to our Olympic lifting for high repetition similar last year, Athletes need to stay engaged through the midline but loose in the hands.
T2b: Rx+ = T2B, Rx=K2E.
Burpees to a target: Athlete will need to jump to a target Rx+ = 6″,6″, Rx = 3″,3″ above their reach. We are not looking for you or the Athlete to get a tape measurer out and measure everyone. Athletes can use the wall to touch and hit with one hand, or a pull up bar above their reach. Athletes do not need make a mark on the wall, just hit in the general area. Another way to find the height is for the Athlete to stand under the pull up bar, arms and hands extended overhead and estimate how far down their arm they need to touch to the pull up bar to reach the appropriate height.
Example: Coach Daniel can stand under the pull up bar in Ardmore and touch it at full extension. He will then need to perform a burpee and jump and touch his wrist to the pullup bar to reach a 6″ vertical.

Cool Down Stretch: 2-3min

$ Out

20,15,10,5 seconds of “L” Sits