Monday 12.14.15 WOD NOTES

Max Effort Upper

Mobility: 5min


Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Strength: 12min

Split Jerk (1RM with 4sec pause in bottom)
From the rack.
The Athletes power is limited due to the pause in the dip position, forcing better power generation in the drive. Additionally the pause reinforces proper positioning in the bottom of the dip. Look for Athletes shifting forward due to a poor front rack position or tilting torso in the dip. The shift forward may also occur in the drive.
Athletes need to count to 4. 4sec is a long time to program a pause, in reality Athletes will pass for 2-3sec. more realistic for this variation. In other words, 4sec. is programmed because Athletes count fast.

WOD: 25min

3 Rounds
400m Row
21 DB Alternating Snatches (60,45)
7 Bar Muscle Ups
**25min time cap
25min time cap. The time cap is placed to encourage Athletes to modify to complete WOD wishing time cap. DB snatches must touch the floor each time. During the movement demo have Athletes grab light DBs and review DB snatch. Bar MU, modify with jumping Bar MUs, If needed modify with 7 pull ups + 7 diamond push ups.

$ Out

3 x 1min weighted plank