Wednesday 12.9.15 WOD NOTES

Explosive Strength

Mobility: 5min

Dynamic Effort: 5min

Complete Burgener warm up, quickly making your way to the snatch balance portion. Then double the practice reps on the snatch balance, making the Athletes hold each position.

Strength: 15min

Snatch Balance (Build to a heavy, no failed attempts)
Take from rack, no failed attempts. If Athletes have a poor snatch balance have them work light and concentrate on form. Even if they are working unloaded with PVC.

WOD: 20min

“Fat Cat”
3 Rounds
1min at each movement for max reps
Fat Bar Hang Cleans (115,75)
Burpee Box Overs (20,20)
HSPU to a 2″ deficit
Gymnastics Bar Complex (K2E+T2B)
Max Cal Assault Bike
1min Rest
** Score total reps of all 3 rounds
FGB style. Athletes should be able to quickly make their way through the reps.

Could Down Stretch: 2-3min

$ Out

4×15 DB Side Bends, each side