Friday 12.4.15 WOD NOTES

Max Effort Lower

Mobility: 5min

2min each side banded samson stretch, play with back foot placement today as a way to work ankle mobility in.
3x30sec squat test with barbell in front squat position, after dynamic warm up

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Focus on opening hips, firing midline and ankle mobility.

Strength: 15min

Front Squat (1RM, less than 10 reps past 50%)
Enforce rep limit and proper form. Watch for Athlete leading with toros, as hips drop torso drives into he forward plan instead os staying neutral. Look for barbell position on shoulders and shin angle.


Back Squats (155,105)
Shoulder to Overhead
**20 Dubs (x3) after each set
**18min time cap
18min hard cap. Athletes need to choose weight wisely. If not Rx Athletes should be able to complete back squats unbroken. Spend time today on power and split jerk for STOH. 20 Dubs after each set of BS + STOH.

$ Out

3 x 20 Partner Leg Throws
**Middle, Left, Right
This is 3×20 middle + 3×20 left + 3×20 right. Athletes can accumulate any way they would like to.