Sunday 11.8.15 WOD NOTES

Explosive Strength

Mobility: 5min

0:00 – 2:15

Dynamic Warmup: 5min + $out variation

Add a variation of the $out.
21-15-9 Row for Cals and Burpees
21-15-9 Assault Bike for Cals and Sit Ups


Clean From Blocks (@65% 1 RM Clean and Jerk )

Use blocks or foam pads to raise the height of the bar

3×3 Below Knee
3×3 Above Knee
Athletes will complete 3×3 below knee and then 3×3 above knee.
When lifting from the blocks, the pressure on the feet prior to the bar being separated from the blocks will need to be farther back toward the heels than it would be during a lift from the floor when the barbell is at the same height, or in the starting position of a hang power clean from the same starting height. – Catalyst Athletics


The block clean will force the lifter to accelerate the bar more rapidly because of the limited distance available to accelerate, and because it’s beginning from a dead stop with no prior stretch or tensioning of the lifting muscles as would occur from a hang position. This means it can be a good choice for training speed and rate of force development. It can also be used during periods of time when the loading on the back and legs needs to be reduced somewhat. Additionally, lifting from the blocks rather than from the floor reduces the loading on the back and legs, meaning that it’s less taxing on the lifter. – Catalyst Athletics


“End Of The Road”
21 OHS (95,65)
21 Banded KB Russian Swings (55,35 + red band)
5 Rope Climbs
15 OHS
15 Banded KB Swings
4 Rope Climbs
9 Banded KB Swings
3 Rope Climbs
If not Rx, Athlete should be able to complete OHS unbroken. Banded KB swings will require Athletes to aggressively open their hips. Use red band, if you need to modify, decrease to orange band or no KB Swing.

$ Out

Assault Bike Cals
Row Cals
Burpee over Rower