Friday 10.30.15 WOD NOTES

ZombieFit: Halloween WOD & Party
Saturday 10.31.15, 8:30 & 9:30am WODs

Max Effort Upper

Mobility: 5min

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Be creative.

Strength: 15min

Bent Over Row (5RM, wide grip)
This movement is generally used an accessory movement. Today we will use it as our main lift.
Perform a wide grip deadlift, standing to full extension of the hip. Athlete then bends to a 90 degree, pulling the barbell to their chest using their shoulders and upper back only. Watch for Athletes using hips to create momentum, this is a no rep.


“15min Capacity Test”
5min max Cal Row
4min max Pull Ups
3min max STOH (135,95)
2min max KB Swings (70,55)
1min Max Front Squat (135,95)
**Score total reps
**No rest between movements
Lifestyle Challenge Benchmark Capacity Test. Over the next 30 days the Athletes goal is to fine tune their diet to increase performance.
If busy DO NOT stagger start Athletes on different movement. Utilize both clocks and start group 1 on the rower and group 2 on the rower 6min behind. Coach the Athletes that they will be in charge of their own clock. Use the whiteboards to write out the time at which the Athlete will change.
0-5min Row
5-9min Pull Up
9-12min STOH
12-14min KB
14-15min FS

$ Out

8min AMRAP
5 T2B
10 Pushups
15 Air Squats