Thursday 10.29.15 WOD NOTES


ZombieFit: Halloween WOD & Party
Saturday 10.31.15, 8:30 & 9:30am WODs

Saturday Coaches: We will let you know how to run the WOD and Party in the Saturday WOD notes

Dynamic Effort Lower

Mobility: 5min

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

This week we have encouraged Coaches to add new things into the dynamic warm up. One idea is to complete the $Out from past days. I have seen other Coaches complete 100 sit ups for time with a round of “Cindy” penalty every min. We have also seen variation on benchmark WODs like PVC “Fran”.

Strength: 15min

Front Box Squat (6×3@ 65%)
The front box squat is used to strength the hamstrings, quads and glutes as well as starting strength in the squat with some transfer to the first pull of the deadlift. Unlike the front squat (without a box) that is used to help strengthen recover in the clean and snatch. For our purposes the front box squat is used to develop strength “coming out of the hole”, especially when an Athlete looses momentum at the bottom of the clean and snatch.
Box height: below parallel
Stance: Wider than normal, emphasizing the hamstrings.
Core: Expand your abdomen, not your chest. This will help keep your midline/spine tight when stopping gone the box
Eccentric Phase: With heels touching the box tilt hips and sit directly on your heels. Keep head and chest high, midline tight
Static/Relaxed Phase: Starts when your glutes hit the box. You should sit down completely on the box and roll back. This does not mean rocking, bouncing or touch and go.
Concentric Phase: Ascend from the box in an explosive manner. Yea moves first followed by glutes and hips. Forcefully flex the hips, glutes, hamstrings, abs and midline.

WOD: 20min

5 x 3min AMRAPs
150 yard shuttle sprint
3 Bar Muscle Ups
Max Man Makers (45,25)
1min Rest
**Score total Man Makers
**Scale MU to Jumping MU
Shuttle Sprints, set cones up outside, 25 yards (75′) apart. Athletes will run back and forth between them to accumulate 150 yards. If your classes are light feel free to set this up inside, If you choose to set up inside you may have to shorten the shuttle run to 15 yards and make the Athletes run more cycles to achieve 150 yards. Bar MU, if not Rx encourage athletes to perform jumping. Man Makers, instructional video below. If you have a busy class run 2 clocks. Group 1 starts and Group 2 starts on the second clock 2min behind group 1. This will allow Athletes to share DBs.

$ Out

4×12 Steps to a Box, try to no push off on back leg (L+R=2). Build to a heavy 12