Sunday 10.25.15 WOD NOTES

Barbell Club Cancelled Sunday 10.25.15

Explosive Strength



Tall Snatch (in 10min build to a heavy)
**Be aggressive in the 3rd pull, under the bar
The tall snatch can help train and reinforce the proper mechanics of the pull under the bar, and train speed, aggressiveness, confidence and precision in the turnover.  – Catalyst Athletics
Stand tall with a snatch-width grip, the bar hanging at arms’ length and the feet in the pulling position. Pull the elbows up and out aggressively, and pick up the feet. Pull yourself down as quickly as possible while replacing your feet flat on the floor in your receiving position and locking the bar overhead in a squat. Attempt to get the bar locked out overhead as quickly as possible, although it will be near the bottom of the squat. – Catalyst Athletics

WOD: 14min

Back Squat (135, 95)
Alternating Leg Split Jerk (135,95)
**14min time cap
If not Rx, Athletes should be able to complete the rounds of 30 & 20 back squats in no more than 2 sets. Athletes must rotate legs on split jerk. Encourage Athletes to choose a weight they can move quickly with, given the time cap.

$ Out

Assault Bike for Cals
2 x Situps


Lifestyle Challenge 10.1.15 – 10.30.15
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