Wednesday 10.21.15 WOD NOTES

Explosive Strength

Mobility: 5min

Lifestyle Challenge – Day 21

Dynamic Warm-up: 5min

Add in Jumping + Agility Ladder ladder
Below are a couple of video and an article for reference. Do additional homework.
Breaking Muscle Article for additional Dynamic Warm Up Movements

WOD: 40min

25 Rounds
1 Deadlift
2 Hang Cleans
3 Push Jerks
4 Back Squats
**85,55 across all movements
*Every time the bar touches the ground complete 10 Burpees, DL TNG does not count
**35min time cap
Budget 40min of this workout. If not Rx weight Athletes should be able to initially complete many rounds unbroken, 5+ rounds. Athletes should still be able to complete multiple rounds unbroken at the end of the WOD, 3+ rounds.  Every time barbell hits the ground the Athlete must complete 10 burpees, TNG deadlifts do not count. Watch for Athletes reseting the bar on the ground just a little to long and counting it as TNG. Athletes can rest in back rack an front rack positions. Back squats, Athletes need to land barbell in front, do not roll off back.

$ Out

4 Rounds
1min Max Sit Ups
1min Max Banded Good Mornings


Lifestyle Challenge 10.1.15 – 10.30.15
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