Wednesday 9.16.15 WOD

Explosive Strength


Mike Worth’s 42nd Birthday Complex!
**Celebrate with Mike at the 12 noon ML class, beat him in his Birthday WOD and he will make you a gin and tonic on the spot!**
200m Run
2 Complexes
400m Run
4 Complexes
600m Run
6 Complexes
800m Run
8 Complexes
1000m Run
10 Complexes
1200m Run
12 Complexes
**Weights (95,65) (Masters 40+ 75,55)
**Complex = Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch + OHS

$ Out

4 Rounds
20sec. Hollow Rocks
20sec. Superman Holds
20sec. Rest


Sunday 9.19.15 – “The Other CrossFit Total”