8.16.15 WOD NOTES

Explosive Strength

Mobility: 4min

1:15-2:230 http://www.mobilitywod.com/daily/thursday-june-18th-2015/

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min

Explosive Strength: 12min

Seated Box Jumps (For max height, score total inches)
Sit on box at knee height
Removes stretch reflex, similar to a box squat. Working on explosiveness from bottom of squat position.


“Snatch Chief”
5 Rounds
3 Min. On 1 Min. Off
3 Power Snatch (135,95)
6 Push-Ups
9 Air Squats
Score total reps of each round
If not Rx, Athletes should be able to TNG 2-3 PS.

$ Out

3×12 Strict Leg Raises
**lay on back, hands hold upright, raise legs in pike position, toes touch upright