Monday 8.10.15 Competitor WOD

Max Effort Lower


Clean From Blocks (1RM , Bar just below knee height)
**Use blocks or foam pads to raise the height of the bar


Front Squat (1RM at 50% 1RM + max band tension)


“3 Double Rankel”
3 Rounds of Double “Rankel”
12 Deadlifts (225,135)
14 Burpee Pull Ups
20 KB Swings (70,55)
400m Run
**No time cap

Special Strength

Seated Good Morning 8RM
**use a straight bar

Special Strength

6×8 Bulgarin Lunge to a deficit (45,25)
**Hold DBs, leg on bench, touch knee to ground


5×12 GHD Sit Ups


400m Row
400m Run
40 Cal Assault Bike


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