Saturday 8.1.15 WOD

Congrats to Brent & Jo, on their wedding day!

Partner Up!


There are only a few ways to get to a CrossFit Wedding: RUN, ROW or JUMP
1. Run 800m, Row 800m, or 160 DU’s (x3)
You know you will hear some wedding BELLS
2. 100 kettle BELL swings (55,35)
And after the RINGS are exchanged its time to party
3. 50 elevated RING rows
We better make sure our LUNGE technique is perfect before we take the garter
4. 100 Lunges
And if we are lucky, we may even get some late night THRUSTERS in
5. 50 Thrusters (95,65)
With all the people at the wedding, you can be sure morning will bring a lot of CLEANING
6. 100 Hang cleans (95,65)

$ Out

Have a great weekend!