Thursday 6.11.15 Competitor WOD

Max Effort Lower


Suitcase Deadlift (1RM – you must complete the weight on both sides)


“The Incredible Hulkstress”
21 Power Cleans (135,95)
21 Pull Ups
3 Rope Climbs
15 Power Cleans
15 Pull Ups
2 Rope Climbs
9 Power Cleans
9 Pull ups
1 Rope Climb

Special Strength

4×4 Back Squat with 2 sec. pause at bottom and middle

Special Strength

4×8 Barbell Step Ups
**8 each leg, back racked barbell, go for a heavy set on each leg

Special Strength

4×8 Single Leg Barbell Hip Bridges
**8 each side


100 Barbell Side Bends, weighted


3×12 Reverse Hyper, heavy