Thursday 6.4.15 Competitor WOD

Max Effort Upper


Behind The Neck Jerkย (1RM – BTN Split Jerk )


EMOM for 18min
1 Round of “Holleyman”
5 Wall Balls (20,14)
1 Power Clean (225,135)
**Score successful rounds
**If you fail, rest as needed and return.

Special Strength

3×12 DB Strict Press w/ hands internally rotated

Special Strength

3×8 Banded Up Right Row

Special Strength

4x30sec. Earth quake bar lock out and walk **Hang KBs from barbell, lockout overhead and walk

$ Out

100 GHD Sit Ups to Parallel
(video shows banded, do not complete banded)


100 Banded LAT Pull Downs


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