Thursday 3.26.15 Competitor WOD

Dynamic Effort Lower


Back Squat (1×8 @ 50% 1RM + 15#)
Warm Up:
x8 w/ empty bar
x6 @ 25%
x4 @ 35%
x8 @ 50% (working set)
**Over the next several weeks we will work across multiple variations. If you fail to complete the percentage + weight prescribed, stop. The next week change the variation (front squat, overhead then box) return to 50% and continue adding 10# per week until failure


Deadlift to a 2″ negative (12×2 @ 70% 1RM)
Stand on a 2″ Foam Pad
**Reset at the bottom of each rep, do not touch and go


“The Other Guys “
7min AMRAP
x5 Pulls on the Erg (<1:35sec/500m, <1:45sec/500m)
x3 Deadlifts (315,185)
–3min Rest —
7min AMRAP
x5 Triple Unders (15 Dubs, 45 singles)
x3 Squat Snatches (135,95)
**Score total reps of each AMRAP (1 pull at sub 1:40 pace = 1 rep)
**You must pull meet all the requirements  to Rx. Sub 1:40 pace and weights

Special Strength

3×6 Suitecase deadlift
**Each side

Special Strength

3×20 Reverse Hyper Glute Partials


100 MB Sit Up and Toss (20,14)


100 banded leg extensions
100 banded leg curls
**In as few sets as possible