Thursday 3.19.15 WOD

Dynamic Effort Upper


Press Complex (@ 75% 1RM strict press + 10#)
3×5 Strict Press
3×5 Push Press
3×5 Power Jerk
**If you fail to complete all of the strict press or push press, stop decrease weight by 5# and continue with 3×5 power jerk


“Froot Loops”
5 Rounds
In 3min Complete
400m Sprint
x3 Burpee Broad Jumps (6′,4′)
Max Russian KB Swings (55,35)
1min rest after each round
**Athlete must jump 6′,4′ after each burpee. You can complete this in 2 jumps
**Score total KB Swings

Extra Credit

100 banded sit ups