1.14.15 Box Brief

Saturday, 1.17.15 – Happy Hour and Auction

CrossFit Coaches on the Auction Block…..
Join us on Saturday, 1.17.15, at 6:00pm at CrossFit Main Line (Ardmore) as the Coaches go on the auction block to raise money for Coach Ryan to represent CrossFit Main Line and CrossFit R5 at the FireFighter Throwdown in San Diego, CA. The invitation only event consists of the top 100 fittest North American and Canadian FireFighters. Check out the website and watch Coach Ryan compete live.

Items on Auction

Coach Chris Smith: Olympic Lifting Clinic (1 hour)
Need personalized attention to help clean up your snatch? Or maybe your clean looks good but your jerk is a little messy. This hour on the auction block may be just for you. One hour of one on one olympic lifting technique training with CrossFit Main Line’s barbell Coach. Feel free to bring more than one person to this hour of training.

Coach Kevin Brynsey & Kevin HIll: Happy Hour for 10 with the Kevins (1 hour)
Need we say more…a happy hour with the Kevins! Bring a friend or 9 to your own personal happy hour with a couple of our most charismatic Coaches. Bonus, you get to choose the topics of conversation … as long as its CrossFit related.

Coach Ryan Kincade: Muscle Up or Butterfly Pull-Up Clinic (1 hour)
No better way to learn 2 of CrossFits most difficult gymnastics movements than from one of the best in the Box. Bid on this item and its guaranteed that at the end of the hour you will walk out of the Box as a better version of your gymnastics self. Bringing more than one Athlete to this clinic is suggested as its always fun to watch others helplessly flop around on the rings or rig.  Bonus prize … the cat of your choice will be saved from a local tree.

Coach Todd Dunkle: Shooting Range Practice or Self Defense Clinic (1 hour)
Want to shoot or punch stuff? This may be the item you want to bid on. Bring 3 of your friends to the shooting range or 4 to a personalized self defense clinic. Plan on going to the shooting range? Be prepared to pay a little extra for ammo and range fees. The auction is for Coach Todd’s one on one time. Well worth it!

Coach Matt Carr: Skills Clinic; dubs, rope climb, pull-ups, etc (1 hour)
Ladies and Ladies! Here you go…. An hour of personal training with Coach Matt. Maybe you just don’t quite have that infamous double under or pull up. Or maybe you just want to watch Coach Matt sweat for an hour. Your choice! But you better be in it to win it. Chances are you will have lots of Athletes to outbid. Bring as many friends as you would like to your hour with Coach Matt. Just remember, the cuter your friends, the harder it is to get personal attention.

Coach Ari Sherwood: Midline Mobility Clinic. Back pain?  (1 hour)
Do you spend countless hours in your car or at your desk and suffer through some chronic back issues? Stiffness or pain, Coach Ari is your guy. He has been through it all and knows all the mobility and midline work necessary to reverse the damage a life of sitting can do. Have a friend that also sits for a living? Bring them too and maybe you can both learn something to help out the next desk jockey.

Coach Ana Leonard: Broad Street Run Training Plan (1 hour)
Signed up for the famous Philly 10 miler…..Oh crap! Now you have to train!!! Win this hour with Coach Ana and have it all planned out for you. Coach Ana has not only run the Broad Street many times but has extensive experience preparing others for endurance events. Or maybe just pay her to wear your bib or do the runs in your next WOD.

Coach Chris Connors: Watch me do burpees … shirtless for an hour (1 hour)
Burpees! Nobody likes burpees, so why not bid on an hour of watching someone else go through the pain. Sit back, open your favorite alcoholic beverage and count Coach Chris’s burpees. Drinking game?? You bet there is one hidden in here. How about count the burpees, every minute compare your number with Coach Chris. If there not the same, DRINK!

Silent Auction Items

Lululemon Galor!
Thanks to Coach Merrilee’s closet clean out there will be more than 20 lightly worm lululemon items for sale. Silent auction price starts at $8 and goes up from there.

Paleo Treats
Morning Glory Muffins – Coach Lauren

Paleo Almond Butter Cups –  CrossFit Teens
Sugar Scrubs, Bath Salts – Coach Lea Murtaugh
3 Paleo Meals – Coach Jill Lotz

Non Paleo Treats
Girl Scout Cookie Assortment – Coach Steph