Monday 12.29.14 Barbell Club

A: Snatch (1×1)

1 rep max
25-30 min – 12-18 sets total

B: Tempo Back Squat (8×3)

3 rep max, no 2 sec eccentric, go heavier than previous weeks

Goal: 85%+, be better than last week:
1) Go heavier on the last set, or
2) Get 1-2 more sets at last weeks heaviest set, or
3) Go slightly heavier on the sets leading up to your heaviest set

20-25 min max

C1: Back Extensions (3 sets)

Go light after the snatches and back squats, nothing close to failure, just get some blood flowing
Rest 30 seconds between back extensions and planks

C2: Plank (3x:30)

Rest 30 seconds