Sunday 12.28.14 Barbell Club

A: Clean Complex (1×1)

Clean Pull w/ Shrug + Clean
Control weight on the way down after clean pull
1 set every 2:00
12 sets total, build to peak single
Start at roughly 40-50% of clean, make 7-10% jumps until 70-80%, then 3-5% jumps until peak

B1: Back Squat (8×3)

Build to a peak triple by set 6, repeat weight (or close to it) for sets 7 & 8
Try to start heavier than normal or make large jumps in the beginning, you should be warmed up from cleans

Superset with push press for sets 1-6, rest 60-90 sec in between exercises

25 min

B2: Push Press (6×3)

Build to a peak triple
X: Side Plank (2x:30 each side (optional))
5 min