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Workout of the Day Blog

Wednesday 7.23.14 W.O.D.

Interval “Karen”
30sec Work, 30 sec. Rest
150 Wall Balls (20,14)
** Complete as many rounds as needed to complete 150 wall balls
** Score total working rounds
Extra Credit/Strength:
Bulgarin Split Squats (4 x 25)
** This is programmed in as extra credit to be completed at the end of the WOD as recuperation method

Wednesday 7.23.14 Competitor W.O.D.

Dynamic Effort Oly
Strength #1: Snatch Pull (8 x from ground + below knee + above knee)
Strength #2: Hang Snatch (12×1 @ 70%- perform full squat)
WOD #1
200m farmers carry
30sec rest
100m farmers carry
30sec rest
50m farmers carry
30sec rest
100m farmers carry
30sec rest
200m farmers carry
WOD #2
10 x 100m sprints
30sec rest between all sprints
** Score slowest time

Wednesday Barbell Club @ CFR5 6:30pm

Movements TBA

Wednesday 7.23.14 On-Ramp Class 1 of 6 @ CFML 6:30pm

What is CrossFit?
CrossFit Lingo
Dynamic Warm up
Bergener Warm Up
New Skill:
Dead Lift
Push Ups
Air Squats
Push Ups
100m Run

Tuesday 7.22.14 W.O.D.

Dynamic Effort Lower
Strength: 1A: Back Squat (8×3 @ 75% 1RM)
** This is a traditional stance back squat taken from the rack
Strength: 1B: Deadlift (8×2 @ 80%)
** This is a traditional deadlift
60 Dubs
6 Rope Climbs
50 Dubs
5 Rope Climbs
40 Dubs
4 Rope Climbs
30 Dubs
3 Rope Climbs
20 Dubs
2 Rope Climb
10 Dubs
1 Rope Climb
** Singles x2
** 1 Rx Rope Climb = 1 modification
** No jumping onto ropes
Extra Credit:
Barbell Hip bridges 3×25