Fit U Members – Can I attend at CrossFit classes?

We’ve worked hard to provide services and value to ensure success.
The Trial: March 1 – April 31, Fit U and CFML members can attend each others classes at no additional charge
CFML memberships start at $175 and FIT U members get 6 months for 50% off when they commit by March 31, 2021.
You can read more about our membership options here. Email us to chat about your membership options.

Wondering what CFML has to offer?
Check out the below image to see what sets us apart.
Just incase…Here are the highlights

• 50+ classes a week
• CrossFit, Strength Classes
• 24/7 Open Gym access
• 2 locations
• Babysitting
• Quarterly InBody composition scans
• Professional nutrition coaches

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