CrossFit websites; Open source or is it just stealing?



Do you search the internet every night looking for tomorrows workout? There are inherent risks to this that many Athletes and trainers don’t think about. Simply taking a ‘cool’ workout from someone else’s website disregards the thoughtfulness of the plan and increases your risk of these common programming pitfalls.

  • MINDSET: Speculating the Coaches mindset is just that, guessing. Not knowing the intent can lead to short term success and long term frustrations.
  • OVERTRAINING: Insuring ample amounts of recovery between sessions can prevent overtraining symptoms; lack of appetite, sleep, desire to workout and even depression. Know the plan and avoid this common but rarely identified pitfall.
  • OVERUSE: Simply put, without knowing where your coming from and where your going overuse will cause plateaus and eventually injury.
  • NEGLIGENCE: Blindly taking someone else’s program is fine, when it comes to global benchmarks, but they must fit into your plan and be accounted for.
  • RESERCH: Being mindful of the ‘bigger picture’ outweighs the ‘cool’ factor. Even the most advanced programming may not yield results if its not designed for you.
  • ‘THE WHY’: Knowing this guarantees results; desired outcomes, recommendations on loading, how you should feel during the workout.

Combing the internet the night before for your workout is fine, as long as it fits your plan. Insuring this key aspect of program design will increase your long term results and guarantee success.

Yours in fitness.
– Coach Daniel