CrossFit Prom Competition Results

Ardmore out performs in 2 of the 3 workouts to host the 5th annual CrossFit Prom!

CrossFit Prom King and Queen

King & Queen

Chris Moll
Terri Gartenberg

Prom Court

Mike Ruggerio
Lea Murtaugh

Workout #1
Athletes picked their fastest WOD time from:
“Karen”, “Jackie” or “Elizabeth”

Ardmore Median Time 8:53

Fastest Times
Male Rx: Shannon 6:11 “Jackie”
Female Rx: Jeannine 5:14 “Karen”
Male Scaled: Peter 8:58 “Karen”
Female Scaled: Sharon 5:52 “Elizabeth”

Wayne Median Time 8:57

Fastest Times
Male Rx: Joel 5:54 “Karen”
Female Rx: Beth 6:20 “Karen”
Male Scaled: Johan 7:59 “Jackie”
Female Scaled: Sydney 7:00 “Elizabeth”

Ardmore takes the 1st WOD of the Prom Location Challenge

Workout #2
“Parents Just Don’t Understand”
3 Rounds: 400m Run, 25 Sit Ups, 20 DB Push Presses, 15 Deadlifts

Ardmore Median Time 11:34

Fastest Times
Male Rx: Chris Mole 7:49
Female Rx: Ana Costa 9:30
Male Scaled: Akiva Goldstein 9:30
Female Scaled: Cate Kelly 10:00

Wayne Median Time 11:56

Fastest Times
Male Rx: Johan Angman 7:03
Female Rx: Kristin Waxman 10:17
Male Scaled: Joel Lawson 8:03
Female Scaled: Julia Jacobelli 11:08

Ardmore takes the 2nd WOD of the Prom Location Challenge

Workout #3
“Livin’ On A Prayer”
800m Run, 40 Burpees over the Bar, 20 Power Snatches, 10 Bar Muscle Ups

Ardmore Median Time 12:25

Fastest Times
Male Rx: Sam Glickman 9:51
Female Rx: Ana Costa 10:04
Male Scaled: Steve Ray 8:42
Female Scaled: Jeannine HiDef 9:09

Wayne Median Time 11:42

Fastest Times
Male Rx: Joel Lawson 9:30
Female Rx: jean O’Neil 10:35
Male Scaled: Jefferey Csercsevits 9:30
Female Scaled: Beth Semik 9:22

Wayne takes the 3rd WOD of the Prom Location Challenge